Engramo English

uses reactive algorithms to teach, test and embed grammar rules and advanced vocabulary, empowering you to communicate and connect with the world.

Engramo English is your customized learning tool that will help you meet your communication goals. Our proven e-learning method is tailored to your needs and behaviour. You can choose the learning track that fits with your goals and lifestyle. You have a say in the type of content you will consume - and how quickly you do so.

There are two tracks in your race to English language excellence: The Focused Learning Track and The Broad Learning Track. Choose which way you learn best and which method will get you where you want to be.

In each track, you will be able to choose your preferred content subjects and you can give feedback about your retention. Our Engramo English engine will use up-to-date language and our proven learning algorithms to work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Engramo English for Business

Improve your Business and English with Engramo

Why “enough” English isn’t enough in the workplace

Workers with lower English language competency may feel less secure about job advancement and contribute less in group meetings. They fear making communication mistakes that may have consequences, or cannot easily express their thoughts and worry about appearing foolish or uneducated. They may become overly dependent on their colleagues. Ideas that once would be shared may be suppressed.

When a business officially adopts a global language policy, it not only takes a big risk to gain the big return, it must work to get everyone in each office to a certain level of language competency. The payoff in departmental and individual staff development returns to the company in the form of self-reliant, confident and educated employees.

Use Engramo English for employee development and incentives

Investing in employees helps both the business and the individual. Employee loyalty is increased when companies offer tools to grow their skills base.

Sales, Marketing, Development, Client Services and more

Every department in a company can benefit from enhanced English knowledge.

Unlock the benefits of Engramo English:

The Engramo English Learning Management System (LMS)

Train your employees using our Engramo LMS Engine, a solution that is based on our Engramo English model. Engramo LMS will be branded to seamlessly integrate into your office and allow you to create professional and structured course content, no matter what the material.

Use the system to onboard new employees, train on policies and procedures, reward employees, stay up to date on compliance regulations and much more.

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